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About Rugby Colorado

About Rugby Colorado

Rugby Colorado, founded in 1985, is the state governing body for youth and high school rugby in Colorado. We are USA Rugby's officially sanctioned State Rugby Organization (SRO) and members of the International Rugby Board (IRB).

Our organization provides leadership, development capacity, and expertise to all youth and high school constituents. We foster the growth of youth and high school rugby in geographically and economically diverse communities. Our game development philosophy is to promote a safe and educational rugby experience for all participants, aged 5-18 (k-12), in recreational and competitive settings across the state.

The game of rugby is all about the players. Children can play the game without coaches, but it is well known that a child's experience is greatly enhanced if the volunteers, entrusted with the child's development, learn the game's nuances and, more importantly, understand what is developmentally and cognitively appropriate for their players.

What are the responsibilities of an SRO?

SROs are responsible for developing an administrative structure with the objective of promoting the development of youth rugby within their state. They are also responsible for day-to-day governance including, but not limited to, organizing league structures, collecting dues, implementing a state championship, and conducting rugby outreach.

Mission Statement

Rugby Colorado is sanctioned to develop and grow the sport of rugby for all inclusive age grade boys and girls in Colorado. Our focus is on safety, sportsmanship and the strengthening of youth character by introducing the core values of rugby into a team sports experience that will endure for a lifetime.


In order to accomplish our mission, we must:

  • Continue to support existing high school and youth teams
  • Develop new high school and youth teams
  • Create a positive high school and youth sports culture
  •  Develop the technical, organizational, and player development skills of coaches
  • Support the recruiting and development of referees and coaches
  • Promote the achievements and successes of our organizations to the communities in which we have a presence


In order to achieve our objectives, we must:

  • Create centralized professional administrative structures to support and provide services to the youth and high school rugby community
  • Employ a professional staff to facilitate and manage the development of Rugby Colorado
  • Remove inherent administrative and financial barriers to starting new teams and recruiting new coaches/referees
  • Developing new and experienced coaches through USA Rugby’s Coaching Development Program
  • Develop and support local area-based Youth Rugby programs
  • Promote Positive Coaching guidelines
  • Obtain 501(c)3 status
  • Adopt Bylaws and competition rules that support our goals Team Development Plan 
  • Develop a pipeline of young rugby players, which is critical to building a successful rugby program.

Diversity: A Game for All

Rugby Colorado is proud to serve a diverse membership of players, coaches, officials and fans and is committed to creating and promoting a culture of inclusion and mutual respect, regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, religious beliefs, sex, age, gender identity, disability or sexual orientation.

We celebrate the differences that make our members unique and special and do not tolerate discrimination, bullying or exclusion in any form.

Rugby Colorado expects its leadership, coaches, officials, teams, players, administrators and fans to promote a culture of acceptance and support through their actions and through the recruitment of members without regard to sex, race, physical disability, or sexual orientation.

Through our commitment to diversity and mutual respect, we believe that the sport of rugby will continue to grow and become a powerful voice of change in the world of sport.