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Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application

Deadline dates (decision will be made and communicated one week after deadline): 

Boys High School deadline January 15, 2018

Try Rugby deadline April 22, 2018

High School Girls Deadline September 8, 2018



Player Name:_________________________________________


Club associated with: ___________________________________


Years played: __________


Parent/Guardian: ___________________________ Email: ________________________


Phone __________________________


Scholarship funds are limited.  Scholarships only apply to Rugby Colorado/USA registration fees (additional costs like club dues, uniforms, tournament fees, travel expenses or any other rugby expenses are not included).

Are you a single parent?
Does the player live with you full time?

Please document your financial need by returning this application, along with and of the following that may apply:

  • Cover letter explaining your need, including any recent hardship or factors that influence our decision
  • Public Schools lunch program documentation
  • Food Stamps or other form of assistance program
  • Statement from Colorado Unemployment indicating unemployed status
  • Disability statement indicating inability to work (from either employer or agency)
  • Return completed forms and attachments by email to


  • Signed _________________________________________________ Date ___
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